Zegami – a new tool for visualizing phenotypic data sets

Bettina Berger


High resolution field phenotyping: exploiting rice genetic diversity

Robert Coe


Genomic Selection for Climate Adaption in The Capsule

Justin Borevitz


Carbohydrate partitioning and berry ripening in grapevines under decreased CO2 conditions

Zelmari Coetzee


Holistic and Component-based Automated Plant Phenotyping Analysis using Visible-Light Images

Sruti Das Choudhury


Plant characterization using advanced sealed environment technology

Mike Dixon


Phenomics 2.0 – where to now?

Bob Furbank


The temperature response of dry matter and sugar accumulation in grapevine berries

Dennis Greer


Energy consumption in controlled environments: supplemental lighting and CO2 systems

Kale Harbick


Integration of Management Tools for Controlled Environment Research Facilities

Joan Leonard


May phylloclimate help phenotyping?

Michael Chelle


Supplemental LED Effects on Growth and Phytonutrients of ‘Outredgeous’ Lettuce

Matthew Mickens


Identification of traits contributing to salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

Klara Panzarova


Genes, phenes and machines @ FZJ

Hendrik Poorter


Adding Far-red Radiation to Sole-source Lighting for Specialty Crops

Erik Runkle


High-throughput phenotyping platform for nodal root angle in sorghum

Vijaya Singh


Maintaining Relationships in Closed Environments: Plant/Microbe Mutualisms

Gary Stutte


Phenotyping transpiration efficiency: linking trait dissection to genetics

Erik Van Oosterom


Public Seminar – Shine Dome
Held in conjunction with the Australian Academy of Science
Wednesday 21 September, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Dr Gioia Masa, NASA Kennedy Space Centre, USA
Dr Ray Wheeler, NASA Kennedy Space Centre, USA
Dr Cary Mitchell, Purdue University, Indiana, USA


Program for Kioloa Field Trip.