Edited by R.W. Langhans and T.W. Tibbitts
North Central Regional Research Publication No. 340
Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Special Report No. 99


Title Page



Original Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – RadiationJohn C. Sager and J. Craig McFarlane

Chapter 2 – TemperaturePeter R. Hicklenton and Royal D. Heins

Chapter 3 – HumidityL. Arthur Spomer and Theodore W. Tibbitts

Chapter 4 – Carbon DioxideMary M. Peet and Donald T. Krizek

Chapter 5 – Air Contaminants Theodore W. Tibbitts

Chapter 6 – Air MovementRobert J. Downs and Donald T. Krizek

Chapter 7 – Plant Culture in Solid MediaL. Arthur Spomer, Wade L. Berry, and Theodore W. Tibbitts

Chapter 8 – Plant Culture in HydroponicsWade L.Berry and Sharon Knight

Chapter 9 – Plant Physiological Disorders Robert C. Morrow and R.M. Wheeler

Chapter 10 – Pests and Diseases – John P. Sanderson and R. Kenneth Hors

Chapter 11 – Special Use Chambers J. Craig McFarlane, Robert C. Morrow, Douglas P. Ormrod, and Steven H. Schwartzkoff

Chapter 12 – Chamber MaintenanceRobert W. Langhans and Theodore W. Tibbitts

Chapter 13 – Experimental DesignP. Allen Hammer and Douglas A. Hopper

Chapter 14 – Writing Chamber SpecificationsWilliam W. Wade, William A. Bailey, and Herschel H. Klueter

Chapter 15 – Guidelines for Measurement and Reporting of Environmental ConditionsDonald T. Krizek, John C. Sager, and Theodore W. Tibbitts

Appendix Douglas A. Hopper, Gary W. Stutte, Ann McCormack, Daniel J. Barta, Royal D. Heins, John E. Erwin, and Theodore W. Tibbitts

Plant Information Table