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Dr. Rahman’s research mainly focuses on increasing the yield and quality of agricultural products using minimum resources and reducing environmental degradation with minimal carbon footprint by applying different innovations, optimizations, waste management, and renewable techniques in controlled environment agricultural (CEA) systems. Dr. Rahman’s research interests include but are not limited to: [1] Innovation and improvement of novel sustainable HVAC technologies in CEA. [2] Innovative substrate and hydroponic systems development for indoor farming and green buildings. [3] Integrating renewable sources in the indoor environment controlling systems for agricultural buildings.[4] Innovative systems development for integrating waste-recovering technologies in CEA production.

Dr. Rahman’s Engineering for Agri-Environment (EAE) Lab is a multi-disciplinary lab where they are trying to overcome each specific challenge of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), from the substrate to the roof cover and anything in between, through sustainable technologies.


Contact Information:

Name: Md Sazan Rahman

Address: University of New Hampshire

226 Kendall Hall, 129 Main Street

Durham, NH, 03824

Phone: 702-538-5783

Email: mdsazan.rahman@unh.edu