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Karma Verde Fresh (KVF) is a startup (incorporated 2016 by Leo Lobato and Rafael Cuellar), which began harvesting fresh produce in the Proof of Concept stage in Q2-2018, and has moved on to the Proof of Production phase in four strategic partnerships using an Enterprise-University-Enterprise Collaboration Model, which allows KVF to harness the talents and energy of regional universities for the development of controlled environments for strawberries, blueberries and additional vegetables beyond their successful harvests of leafy greens, such as lettuces, arugula, spinach, cilantro, parsley, swiss chard, etc.


In Q3-2019, Karma Verde Fresh’s CLA and CLQ manufacturing partnerships begin delivery of their freshly minted prototypes of GroRax and GroLamps to all four locations to prove production capabilities and supply-chain management logistics. Ohio State’s Red Bud platform will also be put into operation at all four sites to Beta Test the Spanish version in Mexico, at the same time as it is implemented as a classroom subject matter for Closed Environment Agriculture specialization at the UANL, UAAAN and CIQA.


Contact Information

Name: Tagino Lobato


Phone: +521.81 1530.0048        

Email: tagino@karmaverdefresh.com