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Intravision is a research-based photobiology and system integration company developing LED lights and turnkey controlled environment plant production systems. Established in 1999, Intravision initially focused on narrow bandwidth lights for aquaculture production of fish, and on photosynthesis bioreactors for production of micro-algae. In 2010, Intravision collaborated with the University Of Guelph’s Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF). The cooperation started development of multiband LED plant research systems aimed towards understanding plant hormone interactions within a growth environment; specifically, light spectrum and intensity. Presently this work is expanded towards medicinal plants and various food production systems. Headquartered in Norway, Intravision Group has branches in Shenzhen, China and in Toronto, Canada.


Contact Information

Name: Josh Siteman

Address: Toronto


Phone: 289-400-7084

Email: Josh@Intravision.ca