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It’s simple. Lights are a tool for growing plants.

The only agricultural light technology built for this single purpose, iGROW® is the best tool for the job. Using induction technology, iGROW incorporates the best known plant science technology for plant production into the most efficient, longest lasting light available today. If growing is your business and livelihood, then you know that better tools equal better production. More than just a great light for your plants, the economics of iGROW is what really separates it from every other light on the market by growing great plants, while saving you money.


  • iGROW lasts 5 times longer than HID and twice as long as LED
  • iGROW bulbs and ballasts are guaranteed for 5 years and the data shows it will last for 10.
  • iGROW uses 60% less electricity than a 1000 watt HID
  • iGROW produces so little heat, you will use 70% less power to cool your room.

Better light technology, better science, better results…iGROW.

Contact Information

Name: Eric Senders



Email: eric@igrowlights.com