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Cycloptics Technologies is a horticulture lighting company that is the manufacturer of the All-Bright® lighting system for single tier, reach-in and walk-in plant production chambers. All-Bright® collects and uniformly redirects in One Bounce and Out™ over 95% of all PAR energy produced by a 3100K Philips 315W ceramic metal halide lamp that produces 1.90 PPF/W. All-Bright® is scalable to deliver Full Volume 3D™ uniformity of up to 2000 µmol/m2/s in chambers clad in specular aluminum or diffuse white walls, even in the corners. Plant research clients that have retrofit T12 chambers are experiencing 50% increases in light levels with improved uniformity and 70% energy savings. Benefits of HID chambers retrofit with All-Bright® have been improved spectral and irradiance uniformity and 35% to 80% energy savings.


Contact Information

Name: Mr. Flip Sheridan

Address: Cycloptics/Benesero, LLC

2358 Adirondack Trial

Dayton, OH 45409

Phone: 937-723-9818

Email: fsheridan@cycloptics.com