2021 NCERA-101 Virtual Annual Meeting

November 15 -17, 2021

Register online via Zoom, then join the meeting using the E-mail link sent


The meeting will be hosted by Michigan State University. 

Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Monday, November 15

(Note: All times Eastern)

1:00-2:50pm       Business Meeting & Member Awards

2:50-3:00pm       Break

3:00-4:30pm       Business Meeting, continued

Business meeting agenda

  • Introduction and Welcoming Remarks from meeting hosts (Erik Runkle & Roberto Lopez) and Doug Buhler (MSU Assistant Vice President of Research & Innovation)
  • Introduction to the meeting agenda and virtual conference procedures (Erik Runkle)
  • Introduction of the NCERA-101 Executive Officers (Neil Yorio)
  • Approval of Minutes from 2019 (Murat Kacira)
  • Announcements of Other Relevant Conferences (All)
  • Administrative Advisor’s Report (Ramesh Kanwar)
  • USDA/NIFA Representative Report (Brad Reins
  • Membership Report (Mark Romer)
    • 20-year membership awards (Mark Romer)
  • Website Report (Carole Saravitz)
  • Guidelines
    • ASABE Standards efforts (Mark Lefsrud)
        • PAFS – 30 – X653 Recommended Practice for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and Lighting Systems Used for Indoor Plant Growth without sunlight. Under final review and anticipated to be published January 2022.
        • ES-311 – X644 Performance Criteria for Optical Radiation Devices and Systems Installed for Plant Growth and Development. On hold and anticipated to be published in 2022 (TBD).
        • ES-311 – S642 – Recommended Methods of Measurements and Testing for LED Radiation Products for Plant Growth and Development. Published.
        • ES-311 – S640 – Definition of Metrics of Radiation for Plant Growth (Controlled Environment Horticulture) Applications. Up for renewal/modification potentially including the addition of ePAR.
    • CEADS (Controlled Environment Agriculture Design Standards) – overall sustainability rating of facilities (Gary Stutte)
  • Instrument Package & Financial Report (Bruce Bugbee)
  • Graduate Student Update (Jonathan Frantz)
  • Future Meetings:
    • 2022 – University of Arizona (International Meeting) – Murat Kacira’s team hosting
    • 2023 – Need a host and venue
    • 2024 – Iowa State University – Chris Currey’s team hosting
    • 2025 and beyond – Nominations?
  • Nomination & Election of New Secretary (Neil Yorio)
  • NCERA-101 membership growth (Bruce Bugbee)
    • Industry member minimum sponsorship (registration)
    • Abstract submission/approval for presentations
  • New Business (All)

Tuesday, November 16

1:00-2:40pm       Scientific/Academic Station Reports (10 min each) Moderated by Erik Runkle
(Michigan State Univ.)

  • Bruce Bugbee, Utah State Univ.
  • Cary Mitchell, Purdue Univ.
  • Qingwu Meng, Univ. of Delaware
  • Genhua Niu, Texas A&M Univ.
  • Joshua Craver, Colorado State Univ.
  • Dave Fleisher, USDA-ARS
  • Neil Mattson, Cornell Univ.
  • Celina Gomez, Univ. of Florida

2:40-2:50pm       Break

2:50-3:30pm       Industry Reports (5 min each) Moderated by Patrick Friesen (BioChambers)

  • Percival Scientific
  • Corteva
  • Li-Cor
  • JR Peters
  • Apogee Instruments
  • SyNRGE
  • Karma Verde Fresh

3:30-4:30pm       Student Lightning Talks

Wednesday, November 17

1:00-2:40pm       Scientific/Academic Station Reports (10 min each)Moderated by Mark Lefsrud
(McGill Univ.)

  • Roberto Lopez, Michigan State Univ.
  • A.J. Both, Rutgers Univ.
  • Yujin Park, Arizona State Univ.
  • Ricardo Hernandez, North Carolina State Univ.
  • Peter Ling and Chieri Kubota, Ohio State Univ.
  • Carole Saravitz, North Carolina State Univ.
  • Marc van Iersel, Univ. of Georgia
  • Shamin Ahamed, Univ. of California – Davis

2:40-2:50pm       Break

2:50-3:40pm       Industry Reports (5 min each)Moderated by Roberto Lopez (Michigan State

  • Sierra Space
  • Candidus
  • Plenty

3:40-4:30pm       Scientific/Academic Station Reports (10 min each) Moderated by Roberto Lopez
(Michigan State Univ.)

  • John Lea-Cox, Univ. of Maryland
  • Kellie Walters, Univ. of Tennessee
  • Murat Kacira and Gene Giacomelli, Univ. of Arizona
  • Mark Lefsrud, McGill Univ.

The next in-person meeting is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2022 in Tucson, Arizona.